Awards and Showings:

  • Adobe Awards Finalist, Animation, 2012
  • CG World Magazine Feature, Sept. 2012
  • Jury Award: Best in Show, SVA Computer Art Showing, 2012
  • MetroCAF Jury Award, 2012
  • SIGGRAPH ASIA: Electronic Theatre 2012
  • SIGGRAPH LA: Electronic Theatre 2012
  • Student Academy Awards Semi-Finalists, Animation, 2012

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Ramus is now a team project! Cool cat Chris DeVito is now on board and had already contributed a great deal to the project in terms of input on the new editing, rigging, and basically any technical problem we've faced so far.

We focused on taking the project that was left in May and revamped the whole short to create a more concise, and entertaining story with hopefully smarter shot choices as well.

Chris DeVito: Animator, Rigger, MEL Scripter, Tech Director

Danica Parry: Concept Artist, Modeler, Texturer, Creative Director

We will update work as it happens!

In the meantime here is a new concept of our main character, Ramus.